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 CBCT: Cognitively Based Compassion Training

What you Will Learn


* Expand our awareness and connection to self broadening our resiliency

* Develop essential qualities within yourself to become a compassionate being

* Develop a robust and stable mind

* Practice experiential breathing exercises and meditations to enhance personal development and compassion

* Benefit from practical tools utilizing the breath, awareness and presence

* Gain insights into your nervous system and how to maintain balance within your window of tolerance

* Learn how to maintain safety, security and nurturance in mind and body 

* Become more aware of the verbal and non-verbal cues of self and others

* Become more attuned to both the messages from your body and others

* Learn how to unhook from habitual, repetitive or strong emotions that are keeping you stuck

* Enhance compassionate listening skills

* Learn the 7 Pillars of Cognitively Based Compassion

* Learn how to become a witness to genuine compassion in the face of great suffering and transcend our difficulties

* Cultivate compassion and resilience so that we can help alleviate others of their suffering

* Become more effective in working with clients, co-workers, family members, community members

* Nurture compassion for all parts of yourself and others

* Free yourself from unconscious beliefs that run your life

* Connect to yourself in the moment

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