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 The Approach


CBCT® begins with the deep teaching of mental stability and clarity. 

The aim is to establish a quality of mind, enhancing stillness, and calmness from which we can see clearly and compassionately.

We begin to relate to what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world and unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, biases and prejudices, implicit memories, etc… and notice our unsuccessful repetitive patterns of thinking and feeling.

We can begin to see their consequences and how they express and conceal themselves in our body states and behaviors.

Once we identify our unsuccessful repetitive patterns of thinking and feeling, many of which might have been unconscious, we can stop identifying with them and establish a newly discovered relationship from which we can generate compassion to self and others.

We can go beyond our thoughts, feelings, cognitions, grief, self-blame, anxiety, stress, etc.. that once felt like defined us, and cultivate a sense of curiosity and hopefulness.

We can begin to propagate new ways of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting, and gradually make them more and more our own, in this present moment.

This liberating change in our basic patterns of stuck-ness will influence our relationships and our sense of ourselves in and around the world. This is the basis for practical hands-on training in the cultivation of compassion and resilience.

The Modules & Content


Seven modules of teachings on focus, clarity, safety, attunement, trauma, attachment, beliefs, emotions, self-compassion, impartiality, gratitude, empathic concern, engaged compassion and more….plus a recommended experiential meditation practice for each module.

Each module contains intellectual content, contemplation and discussion, experiential exercises to enhance and embody the material and a guided meditation.

You will participate in self-inquiry meditations and facilitated group sessions to integrate the material.

The course is 20 hours of teaching and demonstration by Lisa.

You will receive access to an app designed at Emory with myriad guided meditations, module summaries and enhanced research and reading material to accompany the training.


If needed,  the course issues 20 Core CE Credits, or 2.0 CEUs, CMEs, CNEs, for clinical professionals.

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