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CEUs: Continuing Education Units

For Professionals: Physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, counselors, teachers


Professionals who complete the CBCT®  Course are entitled to apply for continuing education credits (CEUs, CNE credits or CME credits).


CBCT continuing education credits have been approved in the past for licensed counselors as well as other groups. Emory University CEUs are recognized by the American Psychological Association and other licensing agencies; however, we encourage you to confirm acceptance of the credits with your professional organization’s governing body before enrolling . 

"The CA BBS accepts courses from accredited postsecondary institutions which Emory is.  We also accept CE courses approved by the APA, which Emory also is , therefore CA licensees from the BBS are eligible to earn CE hours from your institution."


           ~ BBS Continuing  Education 

              California Board of Behavioral Science


20 Core CEUs for professionals such as licensed therapists, social workers, etc. are available and equivalent continuing education for other healthcare providers ( CNEs and CMEs). Anyone applying for CEUs (or equivalent) is required to make an additional payment of $50 directed to Emory University on the last day of class.


Continuing education credits require attendance at 80% of all classes. Upon receipt of the processing fee and successful completion of the course, a letter certifying the award of CEUs will be issued to the individual by the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics, Emory University.


Continuing Education Units

Available Upon Completion of the Program 

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